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Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

“Our policy is to understand our customers’ requirements and meet them by supplying products that consistently satisfy their expectations. We are committed to a quality management system which shall be continually improved with the participation of our employees, customers and suppliers.”

DPL Quality

Each glove produced at DPL meets the promise of assured quality—delivered through systems and processes which require continuous maintenance and monitoring of in-process materials and process parameters, within narrow limits of tolerance. We also employ a unique and proprietary computer aided quality tracking system that ensures the products we manufacture clearly differentiate us in the markets in which we operate. 

Our stringent quality management and assurance systems are documented, continually improved, audited, and certified as per:

ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001:2004
Article 11b of the PPE directive 89/686/EEC
British retail consortium certification—consumer products
Individual products have been tested and certified as per:
CE Directive (89/686/EEC)
CE Directive 1935/2004 (Food safe)
German foodstuffs & consumer goods act (RAL)