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Who We Are

Handling You With Care

Each act of wearing a glove is an implicit expression of trust that the protection sought will be afforded. This is as true when the danger is more feared than real, as when the hazard is known.

Our proposition is derived from the instinctive trust our customers place in us. It is a trust that has been earned by delivering expectations which often defy careful delineation and definition. A hope perhaps at the first encounter becoming a trust with each subsequent experience. Our way of doing things has at its core a conviction that we must understand what is expected and promise only what we can deliver.

Care comes in a host of small and big things. It has to do only with how we deal with our customers but all others who come into our orbit. It is how we deal with those who support us with their goods and services. It is how we interact with each other in our work; how we interact with the community. We have grown from a small to large manufacturer. Trust is at the root of our growth.