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Who We Are


Manufacturing Technology

We have continuously invested in upgrading our manufacturing Infrastructure and technology. Several in-house designed and purpose-built production lines with superior capabilities deliver products of consistent quality which customers readily recognize and acknowledge. DPL’s manufacturing expertise of over 35 years is leveraged by our teams of Chemists, Engineers and Process Specialists to innovate and incorporate technologies which include the use of robotics and computer interfaces that ensure precision dipping and stringent maintenance of process parameters.

The key principles that guide our manufacturing policy are:

  • capacity Development to Meet Growing Demand and Broaden the Range
  • consistent Product Quality and Performance
  • elimination of Waste and Reduction of Cost
  • manufacturing Flexibility
  • safety of our Employees

We are in the forefront of new product innovation and our portfolio boasts of over 100 categories of products with 256 versions. We also pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailor-made products based on the needs of our customers. Through the years we have recognized the necessity for innovation and new product development which is why the central focus of our work centres around investing and focusing on product development and process enhancement capabilities.

Over three decades of experience combined with heavy investments in research & development have enabled us to create a continuing stream of innovations in protective hand wear. Our incessant drive to provide customers novel solutions in hand protection is powered by a well-equipped R&D facility manned by University qualified chemists including those with Masters’ and Doctoral degrees with the support of technical and engineering teams. Our R&D focus spans beyond creating new offers. We also keep the established products under regular scrutiny to keep them abreast of the market and its ever increasing demands.