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European Legislation


The Directives governing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the European Union harmonize the legislations of the member states and specify the essential requirements to which products and their users are required to comply. Gloves which offer protection to hands, the most industrious part of the human anatomy, are an important class of PPE.


Use of Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/656/EEC

This details the minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled by employers when providing the appropriate PPE for the use of their employees.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC

(amended by 93/95/EEC and CE marking Directives 93/68/EEC, 96/58/EEC)

Harmonizes the standards for PPE within the Community. This Directive sets the minimum basic health & safety requirements which PPE items need to comply with, for the health and safety of their users.

In addition, a series of European Standards define wide ranging attributes concerning product specification and performance, and address the present day requirements of users.

To comply with Directive 89/656/EEC, an employer must establish the level of risk involved and select the most appropriate type of glove. PPE have been classified to assist in the selection process against three possible Levels of risk.



The DPL Occupational range is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and conforms to International Standards which ensure user safety and product protection.


Suitable for use in situations where the end-user can identify the hazards and level of protection required and where the effects of the hazard are gradual and can be identified in good time. This category includes gloves which protect against:

Mechanical actions whose effects are superficial.
Cleaning materials of weak action and easily reversible effects.
Risks when handling hot components that do not expose the user to over 50°C or to dangerous impacts.
Atmospheric agents of neither an exceptional or extreme nature.
Minor impacts and vibrations which donor affect vital areas of the body and whose effects cannot cause irreversible lesions.
Self certified by manufacturer


For PPE that does not fall into either the Simple or Complex Design categories. Suitable for use against a specific risk where a reasonable level of protection is required for a designated task.

Examined & certified by a notified body


Protects against dangers that may seriously or irreversibly damage health, the effects of which the end-user cannot identify in sufficient time.

Provides only limited protection against chemical attack or ionizing radiation.
Used in high temperature environments, the effects of which are comparable to an air temperature of 100°C or more and which may or may not be characterized by the presence of infra-red radiation, flames or the projection of large amounts of molten material.
Used in low temperature environments, the effects of which are comparable to those of an air temperature of -50°C or less.
Used against electrical risks and dangerous voltages or as insulation in high tension work.
Examined & certified by a notified body & manufactured under an approved quality system or under surveillance by a notified body